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What is Launch 1st™ ?


Why They Fail

# 1 Reason: lack of Product-Market Fit.

Founders develop apps their customers don’t want or need because they wait way too long before attempting to generate sales.
Risk Remains Too High for Too Long

Why the Old Way Results in Failure ...

     Launch Now
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Product-Market Fit

Launch 1st™ makes product-market fit the starting point. Every step of the Launch 1st™ journey validates and refines your product-market fit. The final validation step:: SELLING your product to potential future customers BEFORE writing a single line of code, which means …

Launch 1st™ validates your product-market fit by generating​ sales revenue in just a few months.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Launch 1st™

Now We Know the Right Way

Sara Nopolos
CFO and Co-Founder
iService Auto, Inc
The Future of Automotive Service – Bridge The Gap Between Dealerships And Car Owners Through Effective Communication And Streamlined Processes
“We initially launched our software company several years ago, the old way. Once our first product was released, we were surprised that it was difficult to gain traction and generate much revenue for the first couple of years. After a lot of time, cost, and painful rework, we eventually started to grow sales. I’m glad we didn’t know upfront how long it would take us and how difficult it would be those first couple of years to begin cash flowing. We recently decided to create a new product. Rather than developing the application first as we did with our previous product, hoping customers would buy it, we instead applied the Launch 1st™ methodology and generated enough revenue in advance which completely funded the development for the new product. We now have over 20 contracts before even starting development, and we are able to develop the product that our clients actually want instead of hoping they would buy what we ‘believe’ they need. This is how I plan to launch all future products. “

Prepared for Success

Gabriel Reina
CFO and Co-Founder
Zinatt Technologies, Inc
Putting Data into Focus for government and corporate investigators.
“Launch 1st™ is a methodical approach to making sure we bring the right product to market with paying customers. There is a lot more knowledge and preparation that is built into the Launch 1st™ method that a lot of developers and software companies should be doing. Launch 1st™ has the knowledge base and experience to launch a startup by doing the market and industry research first, then using that research to generate pre-launch revenue which is used to fund any project. It is a very smart way to build your company.”

My Story

David Hirschfeld

Founder of Tekyz Inc.
Creator of Launch 1st™
Worked with software startups for over 30 years.

My name is David Hirschfeld and I have been working with software startups for over 30 years. I started my career at UCLA as a physics student. I then transitioned out of college into sales, working for Computer Associates selling IBM mainframe software. I was the top salesperson nationally, out of more than 400 salespeople.
A few years later, I started my first software company, which I built for 8 years and sold successfully in 2000 to a publicly held company out of Toronto. My wife and I raised 4 boys, all of them launched and successful. Although I would like to take credit for their success, I am actually in awe of them and grateful that I did not mess them up. I used to think I had control of outcomes, but my sons and my experience with so many startups made me realize that there are patterns of life that make people succeed, but those patterns are elusive.
As I look back on my first software company today, I realize that I did many things right without even knowing it. My early success gave me a false sense of security and made me think I knew what I was doing. After working with dozens of software startups over the course of 19 years, I had an epiphany in late 2019 when I finally understood the common trait shared by the companies that I had worked with which happened to be successful, as well as what was missing from the companies that failed.
As a result of that realization, I developed the Launch 1st Method in order to reduce the risks, the cost, and the time associated with starting a software company. This method also reduces the dependence on investor funding while ensuring that your investment in software development produces a successful company.

Putting Control Into the Hands of Residents

Andy Pasquel
CFO and Co-Founder
HousingTrac LLC
Subsidized Housing Reimagined for the Native American Community
“We had a great idea but one of the problems we ran into was we had to create our own expensive web-based purchasing portal. We were having to search for an investor to fund the development costs and had no luck finding one. The Launch 1st™ method shortened that whole process because we were able to develop a prototype first and begin selling that prototype. I believe we have a much higher chance of success!”

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